The Experts of Hog Farming

Hog Farming is Improving in Every Way

Hog farming has been under constant attack from the media and other organizations. What they failed to see is how this industry improved. Hog farming has been an integral part of our economy. Without it, many businesses would close down, jobs will be lost, and there will be a big imbalance in our economy more than you could imagine. De Varkenshouder works together with farms and other industries for over 18 years to improve hog farming standards, and develop concepts that will make the food industry more sustainable and environment-friendly.

Respect for Consumers, Animals, Environment, and Nature

De Varkenshouder believes that our aspirations can only be achieved by respecting 4 significant elements of our business. We’ve made these realizations during an Amsterdam city top sightseeing bus tour. Our industry is composed of consumers, animals, interaction to the environment and nature. In order to change the realities of hog farming, we have to work harder and set higher standards. De Varkenshouder aims to supply quality meats produced in our farms without causing further damage to the environment and nature. The animals are slaughtered without causing them pain, and there is no instance of mistreatment.


Choosing Us is More than Just Getting Quality Meat Supplies

Hog farming became one of the biggest industries in the world. It’s a busy, prolific industry which is essential in creating balance in agriculture. To create sustainable business practices that will also benefit the environment, not the other way around, we found out that supporting our country’s agricultural sector is the first step. Buying from us means supporting a local farmer. As we have discussed during a conference in Amsterdam main sights and canal tour, by supporting our local farmers, we can ensure the quality of food that we serve on our table. Our hogs eat vegetables produced from farms instead of letting these vegetables rot along with the enormous effort of the farmer producing them.

Why Choose Us?

  • We produce high-quality meats.
  • Our hogs eat vegetables produced by local farmers as a way of supporting agriculture while raising healthy hogs.
  • A highly maintained facility focused on cleanliness and sanitation to prevent the spread of disease and other complications involved in hog farming.
  • Our animals are well-cared for.
  • We follow all the industry standards.

Visit Our Farm

For large companies looking into working with us long term, you may come and visit us. We take pride in the cleanliness of our facility. We are slowly changing the impression of the public when it comes to hog farming. This industry has been viewed as a dirty and environment-damaging industry. But that will completely change in a few years time. We would like you to see the efforts we exhaust to drive this change.

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