About Us

The Experts of Hog Farming

We’ve been in the business of hog farming for over 20 years. We have seen the immense changes this industry had to go through. These changes were for the better. Today, our operation focuses on the impact we cause to our community and other industry. We understood that our industry has a big role to play in the economy and the environment. We have to do it right with postcode check. As a way of saying thank you for supporting our farm, we will continue what we have started, and we will not stop until we find solutions to the problems concerning the food sector.

Get Quality Meats Always

Sad to say, there are other farms who don’t care about quality production of meats. It pains us to say that these farms affect how the public view hog farming. But we, De Varkenshouder, promise to only supply quality meats at good prices. The companies we supply to benefit from our online shopping offers & coupons so they can sell our products at affordable prices.

Our Promise for a Revolution

Nature is suffering. As one of the biggest suppliers of meats in our country, we promise to continue the revolution we have started. Respect will always be part of our core values in operating the business. Rest assured that our website visitors can get useful resources to be their guide in understanding the industry where we operate.