Do you have programs that support local hog raisers?

Yes. The last thing we want is another hog farm that doesn’t observe the industry standards. It is causing us major damage to our reputation and to other hog farms who work hard to delivering high-quality meats while giving their utmost respect to the environment and to the animals.

I would like to get meat supplies from you, do you have cured meat products?

As of now, we only supply high-quality meats but have not engaged yet in the production of processed meats. Our clients are sure to get special discounts so they can sell our products at affordable prices.

Is feeding your hogs vegetables instead of commercialized food for hogs will ever change anything?

Small changes such as opting to feed our hogs vegetables will create a radical change. It supports the agricultural sector by minimizing wastages. It will also help our environment because commercial hog food adds to the nitrogen production which is bad for our planet.

How much meat can you supply?

We can supply to big companies so we can supply big quantities of meat.

I am a local farmer, and I like to supply vegetables to you. What are the steps necessary to be part of your program?

Please contact us. Kindly provide us with important details about your farm so we could discuss how we could help each other.

I am a sales representative selling disinfectants for farms, how can I set an appointment with you?

We welcome 3rd party companies selling organic disinfectants. As part of our revolution, we no longer use chemicals that might harm the environment. If your company is offering environment-friendly disinfectants, please fill the form in contact us.